• Equipment and Personnel for Set-up
• Cooking
• Servicing
• Clean-up of Food and Equipment
• Buffet Tables
• Utensils: Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons, Napkins, Toothpicks, Towelettes

Shredded Lettuce / Chopped Onions / Tomatoes
Dill Pickle / Sweet Relish / Sliced Peppers
1000 Island Sauce / Mayonnaise / Ketchup / Mustard / Sauerkraut

• Menus can be customized.
• Serving time is 2 hours. Additional serving times can be added for $150 per hour.
• 50 guest minimum.
• Guest counts under 100 will be charged a $150 Service Fee.
• We do not charge tips / gratuity. We leave this up to your discretion.
• We would like to know your final guest count two weeks before your event.
• Pricing and menu subject to change without notice.
• Menus do not include sales tax.

Add a PA System for your event. Use for announcements, raffles and music (ours or yours)! The system consists of two QSC 1000watt K12 speakers with stands, mixer and microphone. Only $100 per hour for the entire time we are there!